What is VDealX?
VDealX is a Marketing Service, that help any small or mid size organization to market their products in a very efficient way, and provide a complete transparancy through a system.
What are the type of products can be marketed and sold at VDealX?
VDealX is all about sharing deals about all Fashion Cloths & Lifestyle Products, please see the colplete range here click here .
How do i join VDealX as supplier
If you are a vendor/ supplier & want to market your products through us, please click here .
You also can download the registration form and email us at vdealx@gmail.com.
Who will deliver the products or take care of logistics?
Logistics will be taken care by some reputed logistic and courier company, to know the complete list please click here.
How do we get payment?
All transaction here in VDealX will be processed through PayU, every transaction will be hold with PayU for 3 days, then will be released to supplier account after we receive the confirmation from buyers.