Supplier Code of Conduct for Policy, Social Compliance & Ethical Standards

We always encourage to sell your products through our service, and at the same time we make sure that everything falls under ethical practice & law. To avail the service at VDealX you must read, understand & agree with the service policy & guideline.
  • Your business must fall under the categories defined at our category list , we will not entertain/promote/sell any other product type apart from defined category.

  • Registration You must provide complete organization registration information, you as a user and your business information, if any information found fake, VDealX will terminate your membership without given any notice, beacuse of simply we don't want to entertain any unethical / dishonest business tricks. You / Your Organization / Business should not be linked/ involved with any unethical / illegal activities. Your must provide transparency to your potential buyers, in terms of return policy and guarantee/warrantee if any. If there is no return policy that also you need to specify, so buyers will know before they purchase, so that will help to avoid any dispute later. Download the Registration Form and email us at

  • Shipping & Invoicing & Product Liabilities: Please note that we are a marketplace platform like other marketplace and provide marketplace services to you. We help to promote your products to potential Buyers and connect you as Sellers you are selling to customers via our VDealX platform and we are charging commission for services associated with it. Therefore invoicing and shipping to customer is your responsibility. Also any taxation related to sale of your products like VAT, CST etc is your responsibility. Also liabilities arising from the use, consumption and/or interaction with your products is solely yours and will not be responsible for any loss or damage due to your products.

    VDealX will introduce you with right shipping partners, shipping cost may differ from place to place or depending on other factors, shipping cost to be paid by seller in any situation. Seller also can choose to send products by any shipping of their own choice.

    Exception: When in some places, our recommended shipping partners cannot deliver goods due to any reason (too less value goods, too odd location, not safe zone, internal issue etc.), we simply pass on the order details to supplier, so if they feel comfortable delivering the order, they can deliver on their own. In that case won’t take any commission from seller for that particular order.

  • Product Quality: Product should have same quality as described in product details section. Product picture must be clean and good quality, and should not have any watermark, otherwise we wont approve the product.

  • Unfair Consumer Practice, You should not engage in any unfair consumer practice, or in any such practices that are forbidden under applicable laws, including but not restricted to the "Consumer Protection Act 1986".

  • The price of any item proposed on site, to be purchased shall include the shipping charges, insurance charges and all other taxes, duties, costs, (wherever applicable) charges and expenses in respect thereof.

  • Clarification of Intellectual Property of Company and Third Parties: You must ensure that the listed items do not infringe upon the intellectual property, trade mark, copyright, trade secret or other proprietary rights or rights of publicity or privacy rights of any third party. Listings may only include content generated by you in the form of text descriptions, graphics and pictures that describe your item for sale. You agree that use of logos or trademark owned by a third party producer or manufacturer can lead to infringement of intellectual property rights of such third party. You will be solely responsible for listing and use of such trademark or intellectual property on the Website, and will hold the Website and the Company indemnified and harmless against any claim by third parties that may arise in respect of such use. You agree that under no circumstances would you use brand names or trademarks not owned by you unless the item that you are listing on the Website carries the brand name or trademark of its original manufacturer or producer.

  • When Item Sold, Cannot be refused: Once User confirms a purchase in response to a listing made by you by making requisite payment through Payment on Billing, the sale is considered complete and all property and title in the listed item passes on to the buyer. You cannot refuse to sell the item, or refuse to accept payment or fail to deliver the item after the payment has been successfully made and the Transaction is confirmed. In case of sale of item wherein the buyer has opted for Payment on Delivery as a payment method, the sale is considered complete and all property and title in the listed item passes on to the buyer only after payment of the Transaction Price and upon Delivery.

We always try boost up your business / products, but you must obey guidelines / policy.